Caroline Naphegyi



One more episode of the collaboration between Sumo and the Porto Design Biennale 2021. Throughout the next few months I will talk to the curators who are conceiving and building this biennale dedicated to alter-realities. In this episode I speak to Caroline Naphegyi. Since the year 2000, Caroline has been involved in design projects, especially in France, where she lives. Her background is fully committed to the field of design with projects like Tomorrowland or the non-profit organization Design For Change. More recently she was appointed as program director of Lille World Design Capital 2020. Throughout this episode, Caroline tells us about her involvement with the design world. She also shares her visions on the role of design today as well as the idea behind the curatorship for the Porto Design Biennale 2021 along with Sam Baron.

Photo: ©Delphine Chenu