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Sumo is back with a conversation with an iconic figure in the history of world graphic design. Lance Wyman, born in 1938 in the United States of America, is best known for the iconic visual identity he created for the 1968 Mexico Olympics. However, the work of this influential designer is much broader than just the Olympics. From a visual system for the Washington metro to a poster for Obama's 2008 campaign, his work is a reference for many designers. Seizing the opportunity of Mr. Wyman's visit to Portugal for conferences in Lisbon and Porto – both hosted by experimentadesign in collaboration with Belas Artes de Lisboa and ESAD de Matosinhos – I captured this conversation in a splendid hotel overlooking the Atlantic, the morning after the conferencw. Welcomed warmly by Lance and Neila Wyman, what follows is a condensed yet delightful summary of a conversation that could have easily spanned hours, were it not for prior commitments to explore the enchanting wine cellars of the Douro Valley.

In addition to the sheer pleasure of engaging with such an esteemed figure, meeting Lance's wife, Neila Wyman, was a delightful surprise. A heartfelt appreciation to Guta Moura Guedes for orchestrating this conversation. I trust you'll find it enriching; happy listening!

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