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In this episode I had the pleasure to have Sam Baron answering to my questions about him and his involvement with the Porto Design Biennale 2021. Baron, who was selected by Philippe Starck as one of ten most important designers for the next decade, has been living between Portugal and France. This awarded designer’s practice has been around the questioning of the utility of today’s material productions and the very existence of new archetypes. Sam Baron talks about his process and shares his visions on the role of design today as well as the idea behind the curatorship for the Porto Design Biennale 2021 along with Caroline Naphegyi.


Sam Baron's perennial re-readings and reinterpretations of traditional know-hows shrewdly interrogate on the utility of today's material productions and the very existence of new archetypes. By anchoring his creations in an artistic and functional inquiry, without omitting cultural and historical narrations, Sam Baron places his outlook in our everyday life and its contemporaneity.

Baron received the "Grand Prix de la Creation de la Ville de Paris" in the design category and during the 2010 edition of Maison & Objet. Philippe Starck selected him as one of the ten important designers of the next decade.

Sam received a silver cube from the NYC Art Director Club and has been integrated as a jury member. The AD&D London based creative association awarded him with a Yellow Pencil for the Colors magazine issue he curated.

His work is continuously featured in International press such as Monocle, Wallpaper magazine, New York times, Le monde, Elle or Vogue and included in international museum collections.

His clients include Hennessy, Airbnb, la Redoute or Vista Alegre, and he has been the creative director of Fabrica’s design area from 2007 to 2018.

Sam Baron currently lives and works between France and Portugal.

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